The Eagle Court of Honor Book, 4th Edition

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The Eagle court of honor is Scouting’s greatest moment, the moment Scouts will remember long into adulthood. But what will they remember? An off-the-rack script? A thrown-together ceremony? A parade of long-winded speakers? Or an event that truly honors this unique achievement?

Since 1996, tens of thousands of Scouters and parents have turned to The Eagle Court of Honor Book for expert guidance in making Scouting’s greatest moment truly great. Now in a revised and expanded fourth edition, the book is better than ever, drawing on lessons learned in countless courts of honor and reflecting the inclusion of girls in Scouts BSA troops.

Here are a few highlights:

  • 8 complete ceremonies
  • Original inspirational pieces
  • 20 pages of charges, poems, and quotations
  • 9 planning checklists
  • Inexpensive props you can make
  • Support job descriptions
  • The history of the Scouting’s highest rank

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5 reviews for The Eagle Court of Honor Book, 4th Edition

  1. Alison Melton

    The Eagle Court of Honor Book is a wonderful source of information: planning tips, themed ceremonies, and Scouting segments to mix and match to create a unique celebration of your Eagle’s accomplishments. I was thankful to have this resource available in our troop’s library when we were preparing our son’s ceremony. I am now the Scoutmaster for a newly organized girl troop with Scouts BSA. I look forward to planning our first Eagle ceremony utilizing the new edition that will honor these young women, just as it has for so many young men throughout the years.

  2. Todd Plotner

    Mark Ray has done it again! This edition of The Eagle Court of Honor Book is an outstanding resource.

    Mark’s decades of experience in Scouting shows in both the historical materials and the up-to-date features of this book.

    It will be useful for both seasoned Scouters (who may need a new ideas to create a fresh new personalized feel for Eagle Ceremonies) and for people who have just joined Scouting (who will benefit from the step-by-step checklists and detailed instructions for making one-of-a-kind ceremonies that will appeal to everyone).

    Be prepared to be inspired — with the large collection of quotes, poems and scripts that highlight the importance of the Eagle Scout rank and the benefit of Scouting to the U.S.

    I’ve read scores of Scouting ceremony books over the years and this one stands out as the one that will be at the top of my go-to list when it’s time to put together the next Eagle Scout ceremony.

  3. Ken King

    The same wisdom, experience, and knowledge that Mark Ray brought to writing the 14th edition of the Boy Scout Handbook is evident in the newest edition of The Eagle Court of Honor Book.

    Both practical and inspirational, The Eagle Court of Honor Book is an essential resource for all who work with Scouts BSA advancement. For troops that may have fallen into a “tried and true” routine, there are many ideas that can be used to upgrade, tweak, or otherwise rejuvenate current practices.

    For newer units – with no institutional knowledge of what might be included in an Eagle Court of Honor – there are full scripts, leading the organizers from conception to planning to implementation of a high quality court of honor that honors the recipient and what the award stands for.

    Mark is a clear writer who knows what he is talking about. As a veteran Scout leader, I appreciate his ability to connect with highly experienced leaders as well as brand new leaders and successfully answer questions that they did not even know they had.

    A great read and a great resource.

    Ken King
    Committee Chair, Scouts BSA Troops 46B and 46G
    Three Fires Council (IL)

  4. Ryan Larson

    Some say that planning for an Eagle Court of Honor is akin to planning a wedding! In a program full of handbooks and guidebooks, many leaders have wondered, “Where is the handbook for the Eagle Court of Honor?!”

    Well, Mark has come to the rescue!

    In the “Eagle Court of Honor Book,” Mark shares resources that will help you have a high impact event without the stress. It truly is the complete guide to Scouting’s Greatest Moment. It includes complete ceremonies, timelines, and inexpensive props that can take your Eagle Court of Honor to a whole new level.

    Let Mark help you make your next Eagle Court of Honor, one that is remembered and inspires the next generation of your troop’s Eagle Scout’s.

    Ryan Larson
    Former Associate Director
    National Eagle Scout Association

    • Mark Ray

      Thanks, Ryan. I appreciate the kind words!

  5. Amy Belkoff (verified owner)

    We just had our best Eagle Court Honor ever for our troop last night thanks to this book. Everything turned out so well and went very smoothly – it was so much fun to see the ceremony unfold after months of planning. We had three Eagle Scouts and they all rose to the occasion and gave very heartfelt speeches and even our Mayor came and gave a proclamation. It was such a meaningful and memorable event for our community and our new Eagles will never forget it. My son, who was one of those Eagles said later, “I realize now how many people care about me.”

    Amy Belkoff
    Unit Advancement Chair & Secretary
    Scout Troop 1292

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