The Eagle Court of Honor Book, 4th Edition



The Eagle court of honor is Scouting’s greatest moment, the moment Scouts will remember long into adulthood. But what will they remember? An off-the-rack script? A thrown-together ceremony? A parade of long-winded speakers? Or an event that truly honors this unique achievement?

Since 1996, tens of thousands of Scouters and parents have turned to The Eagle Court of Honor Book for expert guidance in making Scouting’s greatest moment truly great. Now in a revised and expanded fourth edition, the book is better than ever, drawing on lessons learned in countless courts of honor and reflecting the inclusion of girls in Scouts BSA troops.

Here are a few highlights:

  • 8 complete ceremonies
  • Original inspirational pieces
  • 20 pages of charges, poems, and quotations
  • 9 planning checklists
  • Inexpensive props you can make
  • Support job descriptions
  • The history of the Scouting’s highest rank

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  1. Alison Melton

    The Eagle Court of Honor Book is a wonderful source of information: planning tips, themed ceremonies, and Scouting segments to mix and match to create a unique celebration of your Eagle’s accomplishments. I was thankful to have this resource available in our troop’s library when we were preparing our son’s ceremony. I am now the Scoutmaster for a newly organized girl troop with Scouts BSA. I look forward to planning our first Eagle ceremony utilizing the new edition that will honor these young women, just as it has for so many young men throughout the years.

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